Cornerstone Connect Live is an annual global tour where industry visionaries converge to shape the future of work. This year, the event spans 13 cities, igniting conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing tomorrow's workforce.
As the design lead, I spearheaded the brand creation, led a dynamic team of creatives, and partnered with the events team to craft immersive venue graphics, particularly for marquee cities such as Chicago, Orlando, Paris, London, and Frankfurt.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In response to a last-minute shift in theme and messaging, I conceptualized and finalized a new brand direction within just one day. I then orchestrated the production of all large-scale graphics and wayfinding elements for each venue, ensuring each project was completed in 4–10 days.
Drawing inspiration from our new platform, Cornerstone Galaxy, I crafted Connect Live graphics that harmonized with the platform's look while standing out with unique colors and textures.
Digital and print environmental signages
 · Digital ads · Presentations · Website assets · Social marketing · Swags · ​​​​​​​Digital and social templates

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