Highlighting a curated collection of marketing assets crafted for Cornerstone OnDemand prior to their rebranding initiative in 2021.
Landing Page Templates
Crafted interactive digital experiences and developed templates for content marketing utilizing Ion Interactive. These interactive experiences encompassed various elements such as landing pages, campaigns, micro-sites, and other engaging content formats.

RESULTS: 186K total visits · Bounce rate went down 3% YoY (Year-over-year) · 16% increase in average session duration · Ion page conversions up 12% YoY · Conversion rate is up 35% YoY
HR Tech 2020 Campaign
Unbound 2020 Campaign
Social Graphics
Social Campaign
Saba software has undergone an acquisition by Cornerstone. A social campaign has been devised to formally communicate the transition of Saba to Cornerstone's official social channel.

Designed a tech-y shield using tech lines that discreetly spell "HACK" around the Cornerstone avatar. 

Brand Exploration

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